Compare the Pair: UGG® vs. Wild Wool Australia

It is a common misconception that all sheepskin boots are made in Australia. The truth is, majority of the world’s sheepskin boots, including those sold by the American retailer know as UGG®, are actually made in Asia (in countries like China, Vietnam and the Philippines). It is possible to still buy genuine, Australian made sheepskin boots or Ugg boots, but they aren’t easy to spot.

UGG® is owned by American company, Deckers Outdoor Corporation. They have trademarked the word 'UGG'  in most countries outside of Australia. What does that mean, exactly? Genuine Australian manufacturers of UGG and sheepskin boots are unable to expand outside Australia under the name UGG, as it is breaching the American owned company’s Intellectual Property. Unfortunately, many people based overseas assume the UGG boots they are buying Australian made (given that the term originated in Australia) but this is often not the case.

Read on as we uncover some of the key points of difference between us and UGG®. 

Differences between Wild Wool Australia & UGG®

  • Wild Wool Australia is a privately owned Australian company. UGG® is owned by an American company, Deckers Outdoor Corporation.
  • Our sheepskin boots are thoughtfully handmade at our workshop located on the Gold Coast, Australia. UGG® manufactures ugg boots in China, Vietnam, the Philippines and various other Asian countries.
  • From our design team, to our manufacturing staff, to our sheepskin and ownership, we are proud to be an Australian business to our core! Alternatively, UGG® currently has no manufacturing presence in Australia and is NOT Australian owned.
  • Wild Wool Australia has approximately 40 employees - all working within Australia and in compliance with Australian health, safety and working standards. According to Bloomberg, UGG® employs around 3,500 worldwide, including throughout Asia – a continent where the average wage for factory workers has been reported to be approximately $1 and $4 per hour.
  • Our sheepskin is sourced from Australia and New Zealand. Our boots are exclusively handmade using premium A-Grade sheepskin. UGG® has exclaimed that their UGG boots are manufactured from sheepskin originating in Ireland, USA, Australia or New Zealand.
  • Most of our sheepskin slippers and boots are made to order. This means production is only started once an order has been placed through our online store. When you buy from 
  • Our products are available exclusively available through our online store, Wild Wool Australia. We only start production on your order as it comes through our system, which means you can shop knowing your order was handcrafted especially for you! On the other hand, UGG® mass produces its UGGs and its products are readily available around the world.

We hope this gives you a little more clarity on our business versus UGG®, the American-owned owned by UGG who has trademarked the word in most regions of the world. Once you really learn the differences between these two, you'll make more of an effort to look for genuine, Australian made sheepskin boots! 

As a family business, we are incredibly grateful for all the orders that come through our online store. The team here at Wild Wool Australia hope to make your experience with us as personalised and special as possible. Upon checkout, you can even leave your Instagram username or with one of our retail team if you purchase in-store, and we’ll film your boots being made especially for you!

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  • It’s so cold here in Victoria my husband wanted his slip-on sheepskin slippers back (which I bought for him from a local business about 10 years ago) which I had taken a liking to. So I thought I better buy some for myself and my two girls. After going on an online search I discovered the original Victorian business I had bought them from had sold out to an overseas company and the brand now had terrible reviews which was pretty disappointing. Just as I was about to give up looking my daughter sent me the name of your company which she had discovered …. and my dispare suddenly turned into delight to find there was a real, fair dinkum Australian company that still made my beloved wool slipper. So now I have read the blurb and a few reviews I am about to order my slippers! Janet

    Janet Bruckner on

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